Our first Sweet recipe: Pumpkin pie


Our first Sweet recipes: Pumpkin pie

Hello! I’m here again with our first sweet recipe!

Let me tell you something, It’s almost Halloween and, even if it’s a recipe with pumpkin, I’m not the Halloween type of guy! I’m Christian I’m not the kind of Halloween at all!

I just love pies, all kinds! Pumpkin, lemon, apple, blueberry, cherry, all of them. Here in Brazil there is a confusing definition about pies. The synonym to the Portuguese word torta, is pie, but torta also means (for Brazilians)a praline cake. I don’t know from where it came, but I do recognize that is weird, but people here think different.

I cooked a Pumpkin pie…that y wife hates hahahahahaha, so I’m eating it all alone (and I’m not sad about it). I love everything that there is cinnamon. There are only two ways that I like pumpkin: puree with some shrimps or pie.

I realy prefer savoury dishes, but if there is any sweet dish that I like…

I would like to say sorry about the photos, because I was almost without sunlight. I did it at the same day that I made de NY Strip Steak with vegetables  , Iwas really tired at this time.

I will just say 2 important things about the recipe

1 – I won’t give the dough recipe. Because you can buy at the store, sometimes you already have one recipe, and the recipe that I use is from this site: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/11/pie-crust-102-all-butter-really-flaky-pie-dough/

That’s so well explained, that I would just repeat it. That’sthe recipe that I use. All credits to smittenkitchen!

2 – I made a mistake in this recipe, nothing to worry. I didn’t beat well the mixture so it didn’t incorporated all the ingredients well. I didn’t affect the flavor, but visually is not nice to some spots of egg colour on it. I do this recipe for a long time and this time I made this mistake, so mix well until smooth and homogenous.

So, let’s go to the recipe!


1 pie crust opened on a 9 inch pie plate

350 gr Pumpkin (peeled and seeless)

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

2 large eggs

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

½ teaspoon of ginger

½ teaspoon of salt

A pinch of nutmeg

A pinch of clove powder



1 – Cook the pumpkin in water, until fully cooked and soft.

2 – Discard the water. Mash the pumpkin until it looks like a puree.

3 – Preheat the oven to medium heat

4 – Mix well all the other ingredients with the pumpkin, until fully combined, smooth and homogenous.

5 – Pour the mixture into the unbaked pie shell. Bake it at medium heat at the lowest rack of the oven, until fully cooked (the crust will be golden brown and the filling won’t be liquid anymore).  Let it rest for a few minutes and serve it with whipped cream.


So that’s it guys, hope you enjoyed it. I love this recipe, even with all mistakes.

See u later guys! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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New York Strip Steak and a medley of roasted vegetables, In a LAzy Vacation


Hello everyone!

I’m kind of lazy these days. Going out for lunch with my wife, and trying to learn how to drive (Yeah! I don’t have my driving lesson, yet…but we are working on it), but I cooked some stuff this week, I will try to post it here.

So, this week everything that I cooked was like, as we say here in Brazil “no olhometro” it’s when you don’t have stablished measurements. It’s just adjust to your taste. Easy and fast stuff.

As I said before I’m having driving lessons, and man…that is hard! I never wanted to drive, so I didn’t care to take my license, but now is kind of necessity, specially because public transport is becoming a real mess here in Rio (to go to work it can take 45 min of my day or 2 hours and a half, depending on the traffic stuck). So I need a car, but before I have to take my license.

Every day early in the morning I have those lessons…yeah I’m waking up early in my precious vacation. Ah! Just for curiosity, here in Brazil the majority of cars are manual, in the last few years that automatic cars stated to get popular, but it is still a rich people “toy”.

So I cooked something really fast, a steak with vegetable. So let’s stop talking and go to the recipe. It’s a “Keep it simple” recipe. There’s no exact measures, it’s all about your preference, your taste. A good beef just need salt and pepper, nothing more!


New York Strip Steak



–          New York Strip steak

–          Olive oil

–          Salt and black pepper



1 – If you want to take off any excess of fat or anything in the steak, that’s the time.

2 – Season the steak with salt and black pepper, both sides. Sprinkle olive oil (just the sufficient to rub the steak) over the steak, then rub it in the steak spreading the seasonings and the olive oil all over it.

2 – In a hot grilling pan, grill it until the way you like it (I always eat anything well done,  I’m the guy who always care about safety. Raw beef? No, thanks!)

3- Let it just rest for a couple of minutes and serve it.


Medley of roasted vegetables



–          2 large potatoes

–          1 carrot

–          1 small broccoli

–          Rosemary

–          Thyme

–          Black pepper

–          Salt

–          Olive oil



1 – Wash, clean the vegetables and peel the carrot and potatoes (sometimes I don’t peel the potatoes)

2 – Cut all the vegetables in smaller parts, as in the photo. Put everything in a roasting pan.

3 – Mix the thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper.

4 – Sprinkle a little bit of olive oil over it, just to coat the vegetables.

5 – Cover with a foil and bake it in medium heat for about 20-30 min (IT will depends of your oven) or until fully cooked. Remove the foil and let it brown on high heat.

6 – Let it cool for a couple of minutes and serve.



So guys that was one of my vacation lunches, for me and my wife, this week, easy, simples that’s my philosophy nowadays: “KEEP IT SIMPLE!”

That’s all folks! See u later! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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Vacation & BBQ sauce



Hello everyone!

Nice to see you again.

Today I will come with something really easy to make. You see, I don’t have anything nice to say, nor a good story…I just have one thing to say…VACATION!!!!! The most wonderful time of the year! The quintessence of our daily life. That’s when life have a meaning…in this spring times (here in Brazil is spring, and in your country?). No time to wake up, no time to eat, no time to sleep, no time to waste with boring things! The only bad thing is that it doesn’t last too much, or enough.

Ok guys! In these days of empty brain, I was wondering how important is those “supporting recipes”.  I call it that way, because it’s a kind of recipe that is not a dish, but it makes a lot of difference in a recipe: a blend of spices, sauces, dips, etc. Sometimes it’s what characterizes one dish, or a good one from a bad one. It even can make different recipes, just changing those supporting recipes. And I think that one of the most important things is the sauce.

Sauces are the most controversial part of a recipe. The same sauce have a lot of manners to be prepared, even if it has some standard rules. Every house, family, restaurant has it’s own. I have mine!

That’s my version for a barbecue sauce, the way I like most. I usually make my own BBQ sauce, there’s only one brand that I like, but usually I make mine.

Probably you have your way to make it too, so I will show a option. Iif you don’t, that’s an opportunity to leave those store bought ones (I really don’t like it). Let’s stop talking and go to the recipe that’s really, really easy, it’s that kind of “mix all the ingredients”. A foolproof one!


¼ teaspoon of paprika

3 tablespoons  of ketchup

¼ teaspoon of onion powder

3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce

3 tablespoons of yellow mustard

2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

3 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 tablespoons honey

¼ teaspoon of liquid smoke

¼ teaspoon of rum extract

¼ cup of tomato sauce

Black pepper to taste



In a small pan mix all the ingredients. In medium  heat, let it boil. When it starts to boil, low the heat and let it simmer until thick (pay attention because when it get cool will be a little bit thicker). Let it cool, and it’s done!


OBS: You can adjust the recipe, if you want less sweet, low the quantity of sugar. Less spicy, low the quantity of paprika.


That’s it guys,  now you just have to use it on your ribs, burger, chicken or wherever you want!

SEE YOU LATER! In this vacation I think I will show up more often! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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Memories and the best Gnocchi you will ever eat. A Grandmother’s favorite!


Hi everyone!

As you can see, usually I cook on weekends. So I’m here to bring one more recipe. This recipe brings a lot of memory!

To start, I spent my whole Saturday checking some food and gastronomy blogs (except by the visit of my wife’s grandmother). I had a lot of things in mind to write about how I’m annoyed with some of these blogs, and how they retract  my country’s good food, or what some people call good food (that means strange and really expensive ingredients or ordinary stuff with expensive prices). Man! I really think that good food is made with good quality products, not with expensive ones; I kind of prefer popular stuff than those snob dishes. I could spend the whole post writing about it (and sometime I will really do it), but I had something more special.

Everyone has that family meal for special moments. Mine have too, but gnocchi is not that one. It’s a special dish for me, it’s kind of…how can I say…most special thing that I ever cooked. Take a seat because it has a short story.

Some years ago, when I was still in college, sometimes at night, when none wanted to cook our even eat, I used to have the will to eat gnocchi. Yeah used to do it at night just for me! A small plate, just for me. It was a weird one which the dough were made with mayonnaise. When you are young, you eat anything, but at that time it tasted good! Always when I started to make it, my grandmother used to ask what I was cooking, she knew it, and she loved it! Her eyes were asking me for it! It was soft, easy for her to eat, in a time that she used to have some difficulty. I usually made it with tomato sauce and bacon. And that’s what makes this Italian dish so special to me, it wasn’t something that my grandmother cooked for me (as usually grandmothers cooks for their grandsons), It was something that I cooked for her.  And that brings me some regrets, when I was tired I just wanted to make it fast for me, not more, or divide (young people always has a lion’s hunger) or I wouldn’t make it for me and she asked me to cook it, I complained (sometimes she even offered money!!! LOL), I was (as a lot of teenagers) tired…of doing nothing (sometimes). Now I regret…There are about two years since she passed away. But it’s not a sad story (even with my regrets), It’s only that we miss someone we always think that we could give more attention…It’s not a guilty feeling, it was the dynamic of the daily life with family, what matters is that you love them, and they know.

Sorry if it’s kind of confusing post, it’s hard to talk about feelings in our own language, imagine do it in another? I miss my grandmother (a lot) but this dish brings me good memories, so, let’s smile in this sunny day (here is a wonderful spring Sunday).

Now we will talk a little bit about the food. It’s gnocchi but not the one that my grandmother loved, that was too weird (as I said). I don’t remember that recipe; it was a long time ago, before cooking becomes a serious hobby. Off course, with some research I could remember that recipe, but no! I wanted to do something very special that would make my grandmother loves even more!

Not always everything goes right. I knew that gnocchi would be wonderful, but the sauce, the topping I was afraid. I would make with a tomato and sausage sauce, but suddenly I changed my mind and did it with butter and peas “sauce”, and that’s a real regret! I didn’t anything wrong, it just…didn’t tasted so good – better on the plate than at the palate! – I missed some protein (I’m not a veggie.) I won’t repeat it (my wife hate peas, what I was in mind when I chose it). But what is important here is the gnocchi – anyway, even if the sauce was ok, I would put here only the dough recipe. The sauce, I think is always the person’s favorite one. So it didn’t change the post objective and planning, at all.

So let’s stop talking. Here goes the recipe of the best gnocchi you will ever eat, my ultimate gnocchi recipe. I don’t like those “the best something” but I reaaaaallly have two recipes that deserves “the best”. It’s my burger recipe (maybe latter I will show you) and this one.

Let’s  go!




500gr potato

100 gr flour

1 tablespoon of butter

Salt to to taste

A pinch of nutmeg

Black pepper to taste


Olive oil


1-      Wash the potatoes well. Put it on a plate that can go to microwave oven. With a fork, make some holes in the potatoes, just to let the steam get out. Cook it in the microwave oven for about 8 minutes. Check if it is cooked.

2-      Still hot (with care), peel the potatoes, and mash it with the butter, salt, black pepper and nutmeg.   Let it cool then add the flour and mix it. In a surface dusted with flour, knead the dough until everything is well combined.

3-      Make some wide ropes with the dough and then cut it with the size of a gnocchi. In each one, roll it in the back of the fork to shape it.


4-      In a deep pan, fill it with water. Bring to boil with salt and few drops of olive oil. When it starts boiling, low the heat and put the gnocchi there to cook. It’s cooked when the dough comes to the surface of the water (about one minute – see the picture). Drain it and reserve. Do it with all the dough.


5-      Serve it with your favorite sauce and parmesan.


This recipe is so good that my wife said that could eat it without sauce! Easy! fast! Always keep it simple! That’s my motto!

So have a nice week, see you all later… just one more thing…MY VACATION IS COMING!!!!!! GOD BLESS U ALL!!!!

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Sunday in family and Jerked beef shepherd’s pie


Hi everyone! We are back!

Not a good day for Miami Dolphin fans, as Baltimore Ravens won. At least the Patriots stumbled too, so they are not so far!

So, Sunday is a traditional day to get together with your family, have lunch together, and enjoy the day. Here in Brazil we’re almost at “kid’s day” (October 12th)and my niece want so much a “Dodo”, that’s a character of the Discovey kids’ TV show “Jelly Jamm”, and my wife sewed one for her. She waited the whole week to get it, she was so happy! As we wouldn’t see her on October 12th, we gave it to her today. A kids smile is the most wonderful  thing on earth!


But today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday, another working day. Usually I make (ok, my wife) my own lunch, and I take it to my work (homemade is always better).  My wife started doing the food, than I arrived, “assumed the spoon” and in the end, we did it together.

She wanted to do an Escondidinho de carne seca, in a poor translation it means “hidden’s jerked beef”, that’s a brazilian version for a shepherd’s pie. The most traditional way to make it is with mashed yucca, but my wife don’t like it so we usually make it with mashed potato, that’s common too. There’s other version closer to a traditional shepherd’s pie made with grounded beef.

I know that there’s a lot of ingredients, but it’s easy and fast.

Just one more thing. I use a lot of dried parsley and chives, because the fresh onesare always too much for us two (even if we use it a lot), and spoils fast. Here in Brazil we have at the store a small package with dried parsley and chives mixed.

Said this, let’s go to the recipe!



500 gr of jerked beef

6 potatoes

2 tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander

¾ cup of tomatoe sauce

1/2 cup of water

1 large onion chopped

¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

¼ teaspoon of black pepper

½ teaspoon of garlic powder

½ teaspoon of red wine vinegar

½ teaspoon of  dried parsley and chives

200 gr of mozzarella

50 ml of milk

1 tablespoon of butter

3 tablespoons of cream cheese

2 tablespoons of soy Oil




1 – Clean the meat and take off all the fat. Cook for about 1 hour, to remove the the excess of salt, changing the water sometimes.

2 – With the beef cooked, discard the water and shred the beef.

3 – In a frying pan, heat the oil, then put the shredded jerked beef and sauté it. Add the cayenne pepper, black pepper, onion powder and the parsley and chives. When the onions are golden brown pour the tomatoe sauce, the water and vinegar.

4 – Let it reduce and get thicker (see the photo). Add the coriander. Reserve it.


5 – Peel the potatoes and chop it in small cubes. Cook it in water with salt (take care with the salt because the beef is salty).

6 – When fully cooked (you know when the potato is cooked when you stick a fork easily and the potatoe is soft), mash it and mix with the milk, cream cheese, butter and see if it needs more salt. If you like it creamier add more milk, but not too much.

7 – Preheat the oven in 180º C.

8 – With the mashed potato done we just have to build the pie. In a baking dish at the bottom put the beef, then just a little bit of mozzarella, cover with the mashed potato and, on top, put the the mozzarella and sprinkle with dried parsley and chives.




9 – Bake it to gratin, until the cheese is golden brown.

10 – let it rest for some minutes to cool, serve it.



So, that’s it guys! See you all later, enjoy ur meal! GOD BLESS U ALL!

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